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Welcome to Online Gits Uk. Shopping online in the UK is quick, simple, secure and fun! You can find the same quality of products as are available at your local shops, but for cheaper prices without leaving your home, saving you both time and money.....We have a superb selection of Toys, Gifts, Birthday Presents, and Gift Ideas.....
Electric Shock Lighter
It may look like a stylishly designed lighter on the outside, but anyone attempting to use it gets a nasty but harmless electric shock. Perfect payback for anyone who is always borrowing your lighter but never gives it back.
Price: £5.95 | More Info
Shocking Roulette
Four players place their finger in one of the victim slots and then start the roulette lights running. It will select one of the players at random to receive a shock to the system, and is a test of nerve to see who is brave enough to keep their finger in the slot. When the beeping stops....the screaming starts!
Price: £14.95 | More Info
Mobile Phone SIMKey Keyring Databank
If you lose your mobile phone, or it gets stolen, the cost of getting a new phone is bad enough, but all the contact numbers that you have lost that were in the SIM cards data are often impossible to replace. With this innovative little gadget, backing up data is easy.
Price: £14.95 | More Info
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